rocket_launch Case Study

Swedish Jewelry Business That Turned Ecomm Into A Most Profitable Sales Channel

Mockberg is now one of the most famous eCommerce jewelry brands in Sweden, partnered up with multiple high-end influencers to create stylish and timeless jewelry pieces. Also, Mockberg is endorsed by renowned designers and celebrities such as Lars Wallin - who designed dresses on multiple occasions for Swedish royalty, such as princess Madeleine and princess Sofia.

Mockberg’s problem

Before we partnered up with Mockberg, most of their sales were in retail. And with the pandemic in full swing, they needed a strategy to kick-start the rapid scale of online sales.

Our solution

Once we took over, we scaled them by managing most of the channels and our main tool of choice - social media paid ads. Here’s more in detail about what we did to scale Mockberg successfully:

  • Testing new ad angles
  • Testing different search ad strategies
  • Testing different approaches to content creation
  • Testing content that fits Mockerg’s branding side and performance
  • Finding new winning ads
  • Improving the website funnel & conversion rate
  • Improving SEO
  • Helping with community management, improving LTV of customers & increasing brand recognition


After doing all the testing and data gathering, we quickly learned where our marketing focus should be. Then we used the information from testing to create scaling strategies that helped Mockerg skyrocket its eCommerce.

With a successful year-to-year scale, their business became much more stable and gave them more control in their hands.

Because most of the revenue now comes from online and not retailers, this sets steady grounds for the continuous scale of the business.

Some data? Our average ROI is at 3.5 with a 3.25X in year-to-year scale

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